Trailer For Welcome to The Jungle Released

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently kicking as much bad guy ass as possible, with recent films such as Escape Plan, The last Stand and the soon to be released Sabotage showing that he is still incredibly hard for a pensioner. Not to be outdone, Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to remind the cinema audience that he too can use his pension book to issue a good old fashioned shoeing, in the first trailer for Welcome to The Jungle.

Directed by Rob Meltzer, Welcome to the Jungle follows a group of mundane office workers sent on a team building exercise on a remote island. Van Damme plays the group leader, Storm, who look like one of those blokes who left the army about ten years ago, but still walks around in full combat gear, even to the supermarket. Things start going wrong when the pilot of the plane that got them to the island is found dead, and Van Damme gets mauled by a massive tiger, so it’s left to the group to fend for themselves, and try to get themselves off the island alive.

Also starring Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal and Dennis Haysbert, the film looks pretty funny from the trailer, but also strewn with quite a large amount of over acting. Any film that tries too hard to be funny tends to be the opposite. Just how much over acting there is, and just how funny Van Damme proves to be will all be revealed when the film is released in the US on the 7th of February next year, with the UK date to be announced soon.

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