Trailer For The Pyramid Released


Ever since the ancient Egyptian Pyramids were discovered, they have been steeped in mystery. Many believe they are cursed, and that a horrible death awaits those who disturb the ancient tombs. Indeed, previous expeditions have ended in disaster, and even though the Pharaohs have been long dead, their spirits and incredibly good building skills seem to be alive and well, awaiting the next explorers who dare to enter the sacred tombs.

Laughing in the face of pyramid-related curses is Holden (Denis O’Hare), the leader of an archaeological team who enters a newly discovered three-sided pyramid beneath the Egyptian desert. Unsurprisingly, the mission doesn’t turn into an exciting scavenger hunt, but a fight for their lives, as terrifying ancient curses and evil spirits come to life.

To be fair, the team was asking for trouble when they entered the pyramid with tiny torches that came free inside a cereal packet. Giant brighter-than-the-sun torches, main lighting powered by a generator and a mobile phone for regular Twitter updates should have been the least the group took in with them.

Directed by Grégory Levasseur, and co starring James Buckley, Ashley Hinshaw and Christa- Marie Nicola, The Pyramid opens its cursed doors in UK cinemas on December the 5th 2014.

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