Trailer for Secret In Their Eyes Released


The last few days have been absolutely baking, so hot in fact, that it would cooler to sit inside an actual oven than go outside. Those that suffer from hayfever have had nothing but pollen induced tears in their eyes for most of the week. If you don’t suffer from hayfever but feel left out, then don’t worry, we can all have something in our eyes together, and that something is Secrets. This week saw the release of the first trailer for Secret in Their Eyes, an intense thriller from Billy Ray (Captain Phillips), the trailer for which can be seen below. Unless of course you have hay fever, in which case you can see nothing but a painfully itchy blur.

Secret in Their Eyes stars Chiwetel Ejiofor (Ray) and Julia Roberts (Jess) as a tight knit team of FBI Investigators. Trying to out- rubbish hairdo her is Nicole Kidman as Claire, their District Attorney Supervisor. All three have their lives turned upside down when Jess’s teenage daughter is found brutally and inexplicably murdered.

With the main suspect in custody, but unable to prove anything, the FBI are forced to let him go. 13 years later, and after an endless campaign by Ray to track the murderer down using police computer records, he finally has a lead that may help to solve the murder and capture the fugitive. But a shocking, unspeakable secret from the past threatens to ruin everything, and asks the question of how far someone would be prepared to go to right an unfathomable wrong.

Interweaving the past and the present, Secret in Their Eyes also stars Dean Norris from Breaking Bad fame, who is clearly doing his best impression of Alf Stewart from Home and Away, and is due for release in UK cinemas on the 4th of March 2016.


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