Trailer For Noah Released

Russell Crowe as Noah in Darren Aranofsky's biblical epic

Everyone knows the story of Noah, the biblical man who decided to build a massive wooden boat to save every single species on the earth from flood waters brought down by the wrath of God. Clearly to save every single species on the entire planet, it would need to be a monumental vessel, with ample room to keep all of the animals apart, because let’s face it, if lions were allowed to roam the ship freely once they’d checked into their cabins, most of the smaller animals would be lucky to make it to the evening’s cabaret performance.

The story of Noah has now been brought to the big screen thanks to director Darren Aronofsky, but like most religious based film, it has already stirred up its fair share of controversy, mainly because the plot has been accused of deviating from the original scriptures.

Noah stars Russell Crowe (renowned for playing gruff, tough moody characters) as the gruff, tough, moody Noah, attempting to save his family and as many animals as possible (his first vets bill is going to be astronomical) from the great floods. Also starring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly, the trailer certainly looks impressive, with a rousing classical score giving added tension. Ray Winstone looks suitably bad as Noah’s barbaric opponent Tubal-cain, who is determined to overthrow Noah and seize his boat, presumably to toss over board all rabbits, gibbons and goats to save himself and his fellow tribe.

Production for this began way back in 2011, and Aronofsky has spent much of the time since then working on the special effects and CGI. The trailer certainly looks epic, and we just hope that Noah has built enough life boats, and made enough life jackets in various sizes to fit all animals just in case the boat doesn’t survive the onslaught of water. You’ll have to wait until March the 28th 2014 to find out what happens. Or if you can’t wait that long, just read the bible.

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