Trailer For Chicken Released


Today saw the release of the first trailer for Chicken, the directorial debut from Joe Stephenson. Chicken tells the story of Richard (Scott Chambers), a fifteen year old boy with learning difficulties, who lives with his brother Polly (Morgan Watkins) in an old caravan on a plot of land that they don’t own. Things take a turn for the worse when the new owner of the land, Rickson, decides he wants the boys moved on, so brings out his best farmers accent to tell them to get off his land.

Meanwhile, Richard befriends Rickson’s daughter Annabel (Yasmin Paige), and ends up falling in love with her. However, Annabel has made friends with the pesky lads that run a dodgy travelling fair, as she clearly has a soft spot for Hook a Duck. Richard soon finds his life spiralling out of control, as he fights to keep his caravan, the affection of Annabel, and for the love of his brother.

The trailer doesn’t give away much, but it’s clear that this is a very emotional, powerful debut film from the British Director. It must be a good film, because Sir Ian McKellan says it is an “astonishing debut; intriguing, enchanting, moving”, and he should know, because he is an actual Wizard.

Chicken is due for release in 2015, but ahead of it’s national release, it is being previewed in Colchester, where the film is set, and then in London throughout the month of December. The  new poster below that has also been released today clearly shows a massive egg that has recently hatched, but don’t be fooled-  The plot is nothing to do with giant sized Chickens invading planet Earth.


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