The Return of The Falcon!


Unless you have been asleep for the past year, or don’t own a TV or read magazines, you’ll know that a new episode of Star Wars is currently in production, with JJ Abrams in the Directors seat. It was revealed this weekend that one of the movies most iconic spaceships, The Millenium Falcon, is to return for Episode VI, which will have many Star Wars nerds projectile vomiting with excitement.

The legendary space freighter, used by Harrison Ford’s loveable rogue character Han Solo, is instantly recognisable, and one of the most popular ‘vehicles’ in movie and TV history, along with the likes of Doctor Who’s Tardis, The General Lee from Dukes of Hazard and The DeLorean from Back to the Future. It was last seen in Return of The Jedi in 1983. It has this week been reported that a full sized Millenium Falcon has been built in Pinewood Studios, where recording of the new episode is due to start next year.

The return of the Millenium Falcon is also leading to speculation that the film will see the return of Harrison Ford as Han Solo, without a doubt the most popular character in Star Wars history, although he has made an extra special effort to distance himself from any talk of making a come back. So far, the only character confirmed to be making a return is R2D2, the loveable droid and sidekick to C3PO, who has appeared in all six of the movies so far.

Episodes I to III, which confusingly for everyone except George Lucas, were the latest in the Star Wars saga, introduced an audience to a whole new Star Wars world, with completely different space craft, enemies and characters from the first three films (Episodes IV to VI), so perhaps this instalment will see a return to a more classic Star Wars, a decision that will definitely go down extremely well with hardened Star Wars fans. The film is due for release in December 2015.

Christian started writing film reviews at school for a local paper. Since then he has written for BBC Radio 4's Newsjack and The London Film Review. He also writes and presents a comedy show on AbingdonXtra, an Oxfordshire based radio station.