The Minister of Chance – Movie Pilot

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Earlier this year we spoke with Dan Freeman about the making of his sonic movie “The Minister of Chance”. The award-winning series starring Julian Wadham and Lauren Crace in the main roles of the Minister and Kitty, gathered a huge fanbase and a stellar cast with the likes of Jenny Agutter, Jed Brophy, Tamsin Greig and Sylvester McCoy. In 2013, creator Dan Freeman and producer Clare Eden started a fundraising for a film version of the Prologue and successfully crowdfunded the project.

Watch the trailer here:

On Friday the pilot for the Minister of Chance, starring Paul McGann and Tim McInnerny debuted online, showing just how much potential there is to this story. Mixing old period settings with futuristic visual fxs, it has a ‘voice’ of its own which makes it stand out from other sci-fi and fantasy worlds you have encountered before. The pilot works well in setting the premises for everyone who has not listened to the podcast yet but also achieves to grab the viewer’s attention straight away. Although some glitches with camera and pace at the beginning of the film, the performances by McGann, as the shady ambassador Durian, and McInnerny, as the King of Tanto, hook you up throughout the story, in an escalation of hints quickly leading to open threat. The soundtrack is just beautiful and already possesses an iconic quality to it which makes it immediately recognisable.

With all these good premises I have no doubt that the longer film version of “The Minister of Chance” could be developed into a successful feature. For anyone wishing to view the movie prologue you will need to purchase a cinema ticket from this link:!shop–cart/cac6. All the podcast episodes are available for free –!download/ckae

Also, you can follow the latest updates on twitter with the hashtag #TheMinisterofChance

MoC: @MinisterChance

Clare Eden (producer): @execcer

Dan Freeman (writer/director): @SageoftheWaves

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