The Minister of Chance launches on Kickstarter


Not long ago we talked about the award-winning podcast series, “The Minister of Chance” featuring a stellar cast with the likes of Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Jed Brophy, Julian Wadham and Lauren Crace. The series is set in another universe where advanced technology and old magical beliefs coexist. One day Ambassador Durian (Paul McGann) arrives in the Kingdom of Tanto offering a pact of friendship. However, it is soon revealed that the ‘offer’ is indeed a threat. Tanto is occupied; dark times lie ahead. When we spoke with writer, director Dan Freeman (read interview here) the feature adaptation was already in the air. Now “The Minister of Chance” has launched on Kickstarter and it has already raised over £15,000 (on the first day!).

The sci-fi fantasy will be split in four episodes which funders will be able to watch online. The film has a pledged goal of £100,000 to be raised before the 31st of October. There are perks for everyone, depending o how much you want to pledge. For £10 you can be credited on the titles as ‘just kind or just drunk’. If you still haven’t got any plans for Halloween then for £20 you could attend the funding campaign party in Cheshire and meet some of the cast and crew. With £50 you’ll be enlisted in the Order of the Spoons and receive a pair of musical spoons signed by Mr McCoy. You can even rent cast members! £1000 promises you half a day with actor Jed Brophy – and for £2000 or more you can sponsor the cast costumes, transport or accommodation. We won’t tell you more about the other perks, you will have to visit the kickstarter page.

The podcast is entirely free to download and you can find it on the official website:

With just 28 days left to successfully fund the film we took the chance to report on this chancy message from Minister of Chance actor Sylvester McCoy. You can’t chance missing to support it!

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