The Floating Cinema 2015: Silent Running


The Floating Cinema is an installation run by a company called UP Projects, and it is, as the title suggests, a fully functioning cinema that floats. As such, it can travel throughout the canals, passing through London and nearby cities, and spreading the love for art to sometimes far out and difficult to reach destinations.

But that’s not all they do: they also organize interesting, multi day events, where a larger screen is set up by the canal, and using the ship’s clean generated power (it’s run by used cooking oil!) project specially curated films to a bigger audience.


They invited us along for the beginning of their new event, which celebrates Humans in Space. Harbouring an eclectic mix of sci-fi films, the 4 day weekend event started off with a screening of the 1972 classic Silent Running.

They couldn’t have chosen a more fitting film to begin with. Silent Running is all about sustainability, a core element of all UP Projects’ endeavors. It tells the tale of Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern), who, along with three other spacemen and three small droids Huey, Dewey and Louie, runs a space station which holds the last forests of Earth (no explanation as to what happened to vegetation on Earth, not that one is needed) In an effort to save one of these habitats for posterity after being ordered to destroy them all, Lowell embarks on a solo adventure assisted by the droids. Add a stirring soundtrack sung by Joan Baez and it sure stands the test of time.


It’s an interesting portrayal of the future, and with films such as Metropolis and Flash Gordon coming up on their schedule for the weekend, there is fun and enjoyment to be had. Plus, there’s talks, chats, and the chance to hop onboard to see some short films. And, did we mention that it’s absolutely free?

The Floating Cinema 2015 is running until Sunday 20th of September at Granary Square, Kings Cross. Check for more information.


Daniel moved from the faraway land of Chile, to live and work in the exciting world of London media. After studying Industrial Engineering, he decided that life is more than spreadsheets and chose to follow his passion for cinema. He has a deep appreciation for all sorts of movies, and is aiming towards producing in the long term.