Spy: New Trailer And Poster


It’s wrong to stereotype people. Just because someone is very short, doesn’t mean they are rubbish drivers ,due to being unable to see over the steering wheel. Look at Lewis Hamilton- he looks tiny on the telly, but has been world champion twice. However, if you took one look at Melissa McCarthy in the audition queue for “Americas Next Top Super Spy”, you know immediately that she’d be utter rubbish. You can see just how rubbish she is below, in the newly released trailer for Spy.

The latest joint venture between Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig (who are fast becoming the new Johnny Depp/ Helena Bonham Carter), sees McCarthy play Susan Cooper, a CIA desk worker, who is sent into the field, much to the dismay of the rest of the CIA, to help track down missing sexy super spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law), who appears to be wearing a very ill fitting toupee.

Along with intensely over the top colleague Rick Ford (Jason Statham), Cooper must also head deep undercover, to infiltrate the world of international arms dealer Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), in order to prevent a global disaster.

The trailer looks very funny indeed, so there’s high hopes for Feig’s latest offering, which opens in the UK on June the 5th.





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