Seth Rogan Invites You to a Sausage Party.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogan is having a party. It’s going to be a great party. He’s invited all of his Hollywood friends, including Jonah Hill, James Franco, Edward Norton, Michael Cera, Nick Kroll and Kristen Wiig. But this is going to be no ordinary party- It’s going to be a sausage party.

The phrase “Sausage Party” may raise a few laughs amongst immature school boys, but for Seth Rogan and his writing partner Evan Goldberg, it’s a very serious subject. Their latest project is set to be an animated adventure about a lone sausage, who has sadly falls out of a shopping trolley, and has to discover the truth about his existence. In case you missed that, it’s a film about the life of a sausage. Who said Hollywood has run out of ideas?

Rogen and Goldberg have co-written the script,which will be aimed at an adult audience, along the same lines as hit comedy Ted. Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir are set to produce, and animation kings Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan will direct Sausage Party, with the film set for release next year.

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