2nd Trailer For Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Released


There’s something about theme parks that brings instant joy and excitement to kids. Alton Towers, Universal Studios, Thorpe Park and Disneyland are all truly magical places where the fun never ends (apart from at 5.30pm when they close). Tomorrowland on the other hand sounds a bit naff for a theme park. But it is in fact the most amazing place on the planet, where all the buildings must be built extremely pointy, as you will see from the trailer. (The extremely pointy buildings could be the main reason for parachuting being banned there for safety reasons.)

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond stars Britt Robertson as Casey, a young girl who gets instantly transported to a magical world when she rubs a special badge with the letter ‘T’ on it. She was going to climb inside a huge wardrobe, but apparently that’s already been done. Together with genius but slightly odd scientist Frank (George Clooney), they try to discover what mysteries lie in the world beyond planet Earth, a world that seems created almost entirely in glaringly obvious CGI. However, as they soon discover, any actions that they take in the mysterious Tomorrowland have huge repercussions in their own world. And if that’s not bad enough, a huge horde of angry humanoid robots seem hell bent on pursuing the two, but as the trailer reveals, we have absolutely no idea why.

Directed by Brad Bird, and also starring Judy Freer, Raffey Cassidy, Kathryn Hahn and Hugh Laurie, Tomorrowland is due for release in the cinemas on May the 22nd.


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