SCI-FIDO – The World’s Only Cosplay for Dogs Event

Sci Fido (21)

This bank holiday weekend saw dogs from across the galaxy come together to strut their stuff for Sci-Fido – The World’s Only Cosplay for Dogs at JuJu’s Bar as part of this year’s Sci-Fi London Film Festival. Dressed as their favourite characters from film, television or just ferocious (yet cuddly) beasts; ready to jump into the Tardis, hop on a spaceship, seek justice or just have more bite than bark.


Check the pooches’ out below:


Sci Fido (19) Sci Fido (15) Sci Fido (12) Sci Fido (8) Sci fido (2)



SCI-FI-LONDON FILM FESTIVAL 2017 will be running until the 6th May 2017 across London. For more information please check

Sara is originally from Coimbra, Portugal, where she studied Film Studies before moving to London to enrol in film school. Having made her first short film about her neighbour's chickens when she was 9 (a dystopian sci-fi, still her favourite genre), she is now a London-based film director and editor, and also a writer for the Portuguese Take Magazine. She is a huge fan of Lars Von Trier, Krysztof Kiéslowski, and David Lean.