Robocop Trailer Released


Hooray for the 1980’s. It introduced us to so many iconic screen characters, such as Indiana Jones, John McClane in Die Hard, Mad Max, and Marty McFly in Back to the Future to name a few. One character who outstayed his welcome in the era of synthesizers and stupid hair cuts was Robocop. The classic film by Paul Verhoeven was excellent- original in its concept and futuristic in its storyline. The second and third however, were far inferior to the original, with poor story lines, wooden acting and tired scripts.

But now Robocop is back, ready again to take on the world…well…Detroit. Director Jose Padilha has chosen to ignore many people in the film world who said that Robocop should be left in the 1980’s, along with perms, roller discos and Betamax video recorders. The trailer could change the minds of the doubters, and shows a futuristic, shiny, redesigned Robocop ( who looks a little bit like Batman with his crash helmet on back to front), in a world where crime is out of control, and the only solution isn’t human…

Joel Kinnaman stars as police officer Alex Murphy (originally played by Peter Weller), who is left with massive burns and only one leg after his car explodes in the line of duty, and wakes up to find himself  a half-man, half-robot super cop, as a result of an initiative devised by tech-giants OmniCorp, who are at the centre of the world’s robot technology. The idea is to have Robocops in every city, but the human inside the machine is hell bent on justice, and jeopardises OmniCorp’s multi billion dollar plan to use robots as the future of American justice.

The film also stars Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Michael K. Williams, and opens in the UK on February the 7th, 2014.


Christian started writing film reviews at school for a local paper. Since then he has written for BBC Radio 4's Newsjack and The London Film Review. He also writes and presents a comedy show on AbingdonXtra, an Oxfordshire based radio station.