Red Band Trailer for Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Hammers Down the Door

oldboy (2)

Oldboy remake. Red Band trailer. A hammer-wielding Josh Brolin. After a one-sheet and series of images were released online, the first footage from Spike Lee’s film has kicked its way out of the box, giving fans an expectedly brutal glimpse of what they can expect from the English-language remake of Park Chan-wook’s acclaimed 2003 thriller.

The trailer, revealed by FilmDistrict, reinforces the claustrophobic, maddening nature of protagonist Joe Doucett’s imprisonment, as he is forced to watch news stories chronicling his disappearance, whilst the trailer clocks the passing years with footage from the archives. Upon his unexplained liberation, Doucett begins his revenge kick, as he pursues the man responsible for his torturous confinement, leaving a corridor of ineffectual muscle in his wake. Yes, Lee has offered his take on that famous scene, whilst a dotted line and Samuel L. Jackson’s neck get acquainted for an unforgiving date.

Starring Brolin as Doucett, alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, and Samuel L. Jackson, the remake sees an advertising executive released from a twenty-year spell of solitary confinement, without explanation, forcing him to undertake the personal mission of discovering the face, and motivations, behind his imprisonment.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? How loyal should Spike Lee remain to the material of Park Chan-wook’s film? Leave your comments below.

Joe Harvey is the news editor at Critics Associated.