Raindance Line-up – Best UK Feature


Raindance, Europe’s largest independent film festival, will present 100 feature films and over 150 short films between 25th September – 6th October.

Here we unpack the films in competition for Best UK Feature –

#1. The Machine (6th Oct)

Closing the festival is this sci-fi thriller by Caradog James telling the dystopian story of a cold war, where intelligent machines are built to fight each other. It’s familiar ground for the sci-fi genre, but The Machine does it well, with great acting and credible storytelling (or so we’ve heard..).

#2. The Patrol (4th Oct)

Another film featuring the British army, The Patrol situates us in Afghanistan in 2006 as we’re trying to withdraw troops. It’s chiefly an action film, with director Tom Petch using his own background as a military consultant to reflect on the pack mentality and the futility of war.

#3. Everyone’s Going To Die (3rd Oct)

Everyone’s Going To Die made a splash when it debuted at SXSW earlier this year and has since gone on to impress audiences at the Edinburgh Film Festival too. The first feature by the Jones directing collective, the film follows a young woman living in a seaside town who makes friends with Ray, a man with a mysterious past.

#4. Titus (28th Sept)

Titus Trailer from Dakus Films on Vimeo.

Titus is the story of an American Jazz musician with a troubled life. Filmed in black and white, and with a good jazzy soundtrack, this is an impressive debut feature from Charlie Cattrall. It stars Ron C. Jones (Half Nelson, Sweet and Lowdown) and Ann Mitchell (The Deep Blue Sea).

To find out more information on all the films listed and to book tickets visit the Raindance Festival website.

Flossie Topping is the former Editor-in-Chief of Critics Associated (2013-2015).