Raindance Line-up – Best International Feature


With the Raindance Film Festival just around the corner (25th Sept – 6th Oct), we take a look at the films in competition for Best International Feature. For screening dates and to buy tickets visit the Raindance Festival website.

#1. 9 Full Moons (28th Sept)

9 Full Moons is a modern love story about Frankie, a promiscuous girl who finds love in Lev, a solitary musician she meets on a night out. (USA)

#2. The Black Square (28th Sept)
For trailer visit http://www.goldnetasia.com/eng/tbs/trailer
One day an artist sees a black square floating in the Beijing sky. A man emerges from the square, and the two men become friends. The film revolves around the unpredictability of the men’s friendship and the mystery of the square’s origins.

#3. Halima’s Path (5th Oct)

A mother loses her son in the Bosnian war. She travels to Serbia to search for her estranged niece to try to form a relationship with. Reminiscent of the Iranian new wave. (CROATIA, SLOVENIA, BOSNIA)

#4. Jake Squared (28th Sept)

Jake Klein sets out to make a film about his life but everything spirals out of control when versions of himself appear and try to give him advice on love. (USA)

#5. The Meteor (26th Sept)

The Meteor (2013) Trailer from Films 53/12 on Vimeo.

Pierre is serving a 14-year prison sentence. Every week his 80-year-old mother comes to visit him. The story is told through their monologues, and that of Pierre’s wife Suzanne. (CANADA)

#6. The Reconstruction (29th Sept)


Eduardo, who works for the petroleum industry in Argentina, lives a very anti-social life. He hasn’t had any contact with his son for years, and he rarely entertains friendships. But, when an old friend asks him to spend a few days with his family, Eduardo is forced to come out of his shell. (ARGENTINA)

#7. The Kirishma Thing (2nd Oct)

The Kirishma Thing tells the story of two high school students who cross the social ladder. Maeda and his film club are at the bottom of the ladder, and spend their time shooting zombie films. They are forced to confront the social elite when they shoot in the playground. (JAPAN)

#8. The World Belongs To Us (26th Sept)

Le monde nous appartient – TEASER from MG Productions on Vimeo.

The World Belongs To Us is a gangster film about a young crook who steals glamourous cars who meets an up-and-coming footballer at the scene of a stabbing on a bridge. (FRANCE, BELGIUM, HOLLAND)

Flossie Topping is the former Editor-in-Chief of Critics Associated (2013-2015).