Raindance 2014 Winners Announced

The winners of the 22nd Raindance Film Festival were announced last night, with judges including Andrew Scott (Sherlock), Alice Lowe (Sightseers), and Amy Hubbard (casting director Homeland) selecting the best from over 250 films.

The nominees and winners are as follows:

Best International Feature

The Light Shines Only There [WINNER]
Wild Canaries
Standing Aside, Watching
Monument to Michael Jackson

Best British Feature

The Quiet Hour
United We Fall

Best Debut Feature

Today and Tomorrow
Kebab and Horoscope [WINNER]
The South is Nothing
Things People Do
Forgetting to Know You

Best Documentary Feature

The Horses of Fukushima
A People Without A Land
The Art of Disappearing
The Supreme Price
Days of Hope [WINNER]
Kung-Fu Elliot

Feature Film of the Festival

Take Me To The River [WINNER]

Best International Short

The Cities of My Youth
Freedom [WINNER]
The Moped Diaries
Welcome to Iron Knob

Best UK Short

Nosferatu in Love [WINNER]
Happy Toys
Beyond Plain Sight
A Generation of Vipers
The Boy and the Bus

Best Animated Short

Musical Readings from the Realm of the Dead
Speed Dating
Young Mallory
Hopkins & Delaney LLP
Tea with the Dead [WINNER]

Best Documentary Short

Wild New Brave
Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens
The Trouble With Ray
Our Curse [WINNER]
Journey of a Freedom Fighter

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Flossie Topping is the former Editor-in-Chief of Critics Associated (2013-2015). She has an MA in Film Theory and an MA in Online Journalism. She has written for Screen International, Grolsch Film Works, Universal Film Magazine, The London Film Review, Best for Film, Next Projection, Metropolitan, Don't Panic and The Ealing Gazette.