Programme Preview: My French Film Festival 2015

My French Film Festival is an online film festival showcasing recent French films or films made in French speaking territories. Yes folks, you heard correctly, an online film festival. Like it or not, the 21st Century is upon us! The internet and devices that use the internet are literally everywhere and all industries must adapt to this relatively revolutionary way of using data, or die. In the film industry this has meant rethinking the way we watch films; we have voted with our feet and have pointed out that we much prefer watching content from our own location of choice as opposed to actually going to the cinema. Which is why, more and more frequently, we see the content coming to us, instead of us having to go to the content.

Enter the concept of an online film festival! Well, I say enter, it is only a relatively new concept. The 16th of January marks the 5th edition of, an online French film festival available to viewers all around the world simultaneously and the films are subtitled in 13 different languages. The competition this year includes ten shorts and ten feature films, mainly examples of French cinema but with films from Belgium and French speaking Canadian films are present both in and outside of the main competition. The festival jury will be headed up by Oscar winning director Michel Gondry, and will include prestigious names such as Abderrahmane Sissako, Joachim Lafosse and Nadav Lapid.

So what do you do if you want a piece of the action? Why, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, just head over to and get stuck in! You can even join in the voting process and cast your vote for the Lacoste public prize; a prize determined by the votes of the viewers. And if you need a bit of encouragement I have another hint – the short films can be watched free of charge worldwide!

Check out the programme and watch on VOD here.

A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Sedef moved to London three years ago to get her MA in Film Studies and never quite got round to going back home. As she once worked in a DVD company and watched films for a living, she started a personal blog ( as a short answer to being constantly asked “watched anything interesting recently?” and loved blogging so much she just kept typing . She is the biggest Tarantino fan she knows and would be unable to choose a single film of his as a favourite.