New Trailer for Transcendence Released


What if we lived in a world where computers dominated our lives, made all of our decisions, and controlled nearly everything? Oh, we already do. Well, what if these computers thought like humans, and their power could spell disaster for everything we’ve ever strived to create?

Today saw the release of the new trailer for Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany. Depp stars as Dr Will Caster, a highly intelligent computer scientist, who has reached the point in his research where artificial intelligence has become greater than the human mind, and his intention is to combine the two into a sort of sexy Johnny Depp looking computer, that can channel human thought and emotion, making it the most sophisticated, complex, powerful and good looking computer device ever invented (since the Game Boy), and capable of ultimately controlling evolution.

But technology taking over the world is not the plan for R.I.F.T (Revolutionary Independence From Technology), who are basically anti technology eco-warriors, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop him. Now, running him over with an HGV would definitely stop him in his tracks, or the HGV tracks to be precise. Throwing him out of a plane at 25,000 feet with only a copy of the in-flight magazine would also definitely stop him. But R.I.F.T. go for the age old plan of getting someone who’s not very good at shooting to shoot him. This doesn’t stop him straight away, and luckily for the running time of the movie, gives him enough time to upload himself to his system, creating the dangerous mix of human and artificial technology, the mix that R.I.F.T. were planning to stop in the first place. If the sexy Johnny Depp computer isn’t stopped, it could spell the end of mankind as we know it. The only thing that could stop it appears to be small print, as the computer image of Depp still wears glasses, but this has clearly been overlooked by R.I.F.T. to the detriment of the human race.

Directed by Wally Pfister, Transcendence will open in UK cinemas on the 25th of April.

Christian started writing film reviews at school for a local paper. Since then he has written for BBC Radio 4's Newsjack and The London Film Review. He also writes and presents a comedy show on AbingdonXtra, an Oxfordshire based radio station.