New Ted 2 Restricted Trailer Released


If you’re under eighteen and your mum and dad are still in the room, we suggest you sneak out to the kitchen or tell them you’re going to do some ‘study’ in your room. If you’re over eighteen and your mum and dad are still in the room, chances are you still live at home, and probably still will be when you’re forty. Get a grip of yourself, find a girlfriend, and get your own place to live. Either way, the new Ted 2 trailer is here, and it takes great pride in dropping the F bomb as if it’s going out of fashion, so you might want to watch it whilst you’re on your own.

Once again promoting the heavy use of class A drugs, and with a plot even more extreme than the first film, Ted is back. Directed and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, and starring Mark Wahlberg as human side kick and thunder buddy John Bennett, Ted has some serious issues that he needs help with, mainly finding a sperm donor so he and new wife Tami Lynn (Jessica Barth) can make babies. He also needs to be recognised as a legal person in order to become a father, which could prove tricky as he is a 3 feet tall stuffed teddy bear. Morgan Freeman is on hand to help as a legendary civil rights crusader, but Teds aim to become a father and a person could be quite an up hill struggle (to be honest, any hill would be a struggle with the sheer amount of weed that he smokes).

Also starring Liam Neeson, Partick Warburton, Michael Dorn and Sam Jones (He’s Flash Gordon don’t you know), Ted 2 is due out in UK cinemas on the 10th of July (26th of June in America), and is hoping to surpass the £500 million that the first film made worldwide.

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