New Ted 2 Red Band Trailer Released


Two months ago, we brought you the first trailer for Ted 2, a film that is 106 minutes long, which is exactly the same number of times that the f-bomb is dropped. If that’s not enough, a new even ruder trailer has been released, which sees more swear words than the amount Simon Cowell used when he realised there’s such a thing as a stunt double dog.

Directed and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, and starring Mark Wahlberg as human side kick and thunder buddy John Bennett, drug taking, sex obsessed and apparently scuba diving Ted needs to find a sperm donor so he and new wife Tami Lynn (Jessica Barth) can make babies. He also needs to be recognised as a legal person in order to become a father, which could prove tricky as he is a 3 feet tall stuffed teddy bear. Morgan Freeman is on hand to help as a legendary civil rights crusader, but Teds aim to become a father and a person could be quite a real up hill struggle, especially judging by the amount of weed they appear to be smoking.

Also starring Liam Neeson, Partick Warburton, Michael Dorn and Sam Jones (Flash Gordon to anyone from the 1980’s), Ted 2 is due out in UK cinemas on the 10th of July.

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