New Images from Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ – Different Year, Same Room

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Between yesterday’s unveiling of a one-sheet and tomorrow’s Red Band trailer, a gallery of images has emerged on the film’s official Facebook page.

Offering a brief, unguided tour around protagonist Joe Doucett’s prison, the images establish the unconventional manner of Doucett’s captivity. One of the images simply displays Doucett’s bed, generously large for a detainee, and the wall behind it. Intriguingly, a crucifix is highlighted on the wall by twin lights which fall on either side. Whether religious imagery will form a recurrent theme or is simply being used to emphasise the motel-esque aesthetic of the prison, remains to be seen. Those with an eye for an out-of-place item may have also noticed the box of popcorn on the bedside table. Do room service and revenge go hand-in-hand?

Whilst the tallied markings on Doucett’s clenched fist will be familiar territory for those who have seen Park Chan-wook’s Korean original, the Buddha Duckie is a slightly bizarre deviation from Lee. Dripping wet on a cracked concrete floor, the shower facilities seem more en sour than en suite.

Starring Josh Brolin as Doucett, alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, and Samuel L. Jackson, the remake sees an advertising executive released from a twenty-year spell of solitary confinement, without explanation, forcing him to undertake the personal mission of discovering the face, and motivations, behind his imprisonment.

With the Red Band trailer set for release on Wednesday, Doucett’s DIY tattoos are given the responsibility of the countdown (granted, a very overzealous one given that it starts from four), before Doucett is set free on his violent mission for the truth.

What do you make of the images below? What do you expect to see in the trailer? Leave your comments below.

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Joe Harvey is the news editor at Critics Associated.