Molly Crows Trailer – Top Bill Portobello Film Festival


There have been many impressive micro-budget indie films of late, but from looking at the trailer of Ray Wilkes’ Molly Crows I think it’s safe to say this looks set to be on another level. Check out the trailer below for a taste of what’s in store.

The film will get its first public screening at Portobello Film Festival on Friday 13th September at 8.30pm, featuring as the top billed film of the Horror Night.

Molly Crows is based on the true story of 17th Century witch Molly Leigh and the urban legend surrounding her legacy but is set in the modern day. Jess and her alcoholic mother move to Haslem, a small English village, where Jess is subject to the brutal cullying culture of the area. However she is no ordinary young girl and her torment awakens ancient spirits that are hungry for vengeance.

This is Wilkes’ first feature length film after short Blake’s Striptease (an artistic interpretation of William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell) and stars 7 year old Mercy Gaiger as the lead, along with George Newton from the BAFTA award winning This is England and Samira Mohammed Ali who has recently been cast in the upcoming Dr Who film.

It is always impressive when a director can achieve a lot with such little money and time, and the passion and drive that Wilkes and co have for this project is clear. It is also refreshing to see a horror that has strayed away from the found footage/zombie/home invasion phenomenon that has recently been favoured by low budget filmmakers.

To keep up-to date with the film’s progress like the official Facebook page.

Katie Hall is the assistant editor at Critics Associated.