‘Man of Steel’ Sequel News – Superman and Batman Set to Share the Screen


The unerring power of superhero franchises continue to fly fist-forth across summers present and future, as two of the biggest capes in the DC universe are set to share a screen, in Zack Snyder’s sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel.

The announcement was made at Comic-Con 2013, when Zack Snyder and actor Henry Lennix unveiled the Bat-Shield logo.

Before the logo appeared on screens, Lennix delivered a line from Frank Miller’s 1986 comic book The Dark Knight Returns, assuming the voice of Batman, taunting Superman with his alpha-male wishes: “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.

Snyder asserted that the source of the line would not be directly adapted, though it would help to tell the story.

An official statement, crediting Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures,  with the announcement, also revealed that whilst a face is yet to be placed under Batman’s mask, Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane are all set to return for the sequel.

With this update, and the excitement it has generated, reaffirming the, well, super stature of the superhero genre within contemporary cinema, will it be associated with the 2000/2010s in the same way the gangster genre (‘30s), film noir (‘40s), and slasher movies (‘80s) can all be seen as popularised products of their time?

What do you make of the news of a Superman-Batman movie? How do you account for the popularity of the superhero genre? And what direction would you like to see the film take? Leave your comments below.

Joe Harvey is the news editor at Critics Associated.