Liam Neeson And Morgan Freeman to Star in Ted 2

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Liam Neeson is officially cool. He’s one of those blokes who can dress in whatever ridiculous outfit he chooses, but would still be far cooler than you. Almost equally as cool as him, but definitely way smoother, is Morgan Freeman. Together, there isn’t a woman over 40 (perhaps over 50 now they’re getting on a bit) who wouldn’t giggle like a school girl and flutter their eyelids at them if they were trapped in a lift together. But we all know that wouldn’t happen- Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman are far too cool to ever be stuck in a lift.

Today it was announced that Liam Neeson will star in Ted 2, the Seth MacFarlane comedy sequel about a CGI bear who was brought to life by the Christmas wish of a young boy, who grew up to become Mark Wahlberg. Whether Neeson is a key cast member, or simply playing a cameo role remains to be unseen, but given MacFarlane’s history of big names playing bit parts, he may not be in the film for very long, but almost certainly long enough to batter to death some bad guys. With Morgan Freeman having previously joined the cast, it’s looking like a really strong roll call of movie favourites.

Few details have emerged about the plot for Ted 2, but it is certain to involve Ted getting into a lot of trouble, mainly thanks to his erratic behaviour and extreme potty mouth (voiced once again by MacFarlane). He also faces legal difficulties, with Freeman due to play a civil rights lawyer who comes to Ted’s rescue. Returning to the fray is Mark Wahlberg as the man who can’t quite let his teddy bear go, and newcomer Amanda Seyfried joining the cast as the female lead, possibly replacing Mila Kunis as Wahlberg’s love interest.

Ted 2 will open in the UK on the 10th of July 2015. If you’ve not seen the original Ted movie that was a major box office success in 2012, then watch the red band trailer below. If you don’t know what a “red band” trailer is, try standing on an upturned plug with bare feet, and filming your reaction. Basically, it’s a clip with lots of swearing in it.

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