Let it Go – Review ★★★★

Proving that micro-budget filmmaking can produce more creativity and not less, Let It Go establishes its director Tom Wilton as a rising star.

His first film, Icharus Broken, won the Best International Feature award at the 2007 Trinity International Film Festival, and his follow up features Vinyl and Pale Horses have played at the Portobello and Bootleg Film Festivals (which Tom is the Festival Director of). It’s the back-to-basics boy-meets-girl storylines that have carved out his unique voice, putting the focus back on interesting characters and relatable dialogue rather than flashy expensive sets and effects.

Let It Go, his latest feature, was made on a shoestring budget, yet you couldn’t tell by looking at it. The titles roll over a black and white New York cityscape, while “I Wanna Be Loved By You” crackles in the background and a couple stand entwined on a rooftop. Only this isn’t Woody Allen’s Manhattan, and the couple aren’t exactly in a romantic embrace. They’re breaking up. Jeremy (Andrew Leland Rogers) was planning to propose to Steph (Gillian Visco), but she had other ideas. The film follows the break-up aftermath, where Jeremy and Steph go their separate ways and drink away their problems with best friends Frankie (Maria McIndoo, who also co-writes) and Ryan (Josh Hawkins).

It’s this hilarious journey that sees them embarrass themselves at parties, drunk dial each other and obsess about the details to strangers. It would all be pathetic if it wasn’t so perceptive and quick-witted. Though it could also be the instantly likeable characters that make the film so easy to warm to. The friendships seem genuine and the situations make the comedy come naturally, not forced. Stylistic comparisons could be made to the early works of Joe Swanberg, in that it’s naturalistic and there’s a real-time feel, but there’s a lot of humour in the work that signals an original voice too.

Wilton has recently finished filming his fifth feature, Nina Nobody, due for release in 2015. We can’t wait to see it.

Let It Go had its UK premiere at the Portobello Film Festival. It’s now available to rent on VOD here.

You can find out more about Tom’s projects here www.projectbootleg.com

Flossie Topping is the former Editor-in-Chief of Critics Associated (2013-2015). She has an MA in Film Theory and an MA in Online Journalism. She has written for Screen International, Grolsch Film Works, Universal Film Magazine, The London Film Review, Best for Film, Next Projection, Metropolitan, Don't Panic and The Ealing Gazette.