Latest 22 Jump Street Red Band Trailer


Before we begin, when we say “red band trailer”, this does not mean a film clip following various musicians in colourful clothing. A red band trailer is a trailer that has been approved for restricted audiences, due to there being excessive violence, mild nudity or swearing. In this case, the F-bomb gets dropped a lot, so if you don’t like swearing, or still go to bed before 8pm, do not watch the trailer below.

When you were at school, there was always a couple of pupils in the class that looked way older than everyone else. Whilst everyone else still had a high pitched voice and fluff growing out of their chin, they had a full beard and “I love beer” tattoos inked on their biceps. The same could be said about the stars of 22 jump street, with the latest red band trailer released yesterday.

22 Jump Street is the sequel to the 2012 action comedy film 21 Jump Street,which starred Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as rookie cops, who must go undercover as college students to infiltrate and bring down a drug ring. The film shows how stupid drug dealers are, if they could actually believe these two were young enough to still be in college. Two years later, drug dealers clearly have learnt nothing, as once again Hill and Tatum must return to college to infiltrate a drug ring, but now looking in their early thirties. They head to the beach for Spring break, and do their very best to blend in, with highly amusing consequences.

Directed by Phil Lord, and co starring Ice Cube, Nick Offerman, Amber Stevens and Craig Roberts, 22 Jump Street opens in the UK on June the 6th.

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