Kickstarter Film Campaign Launched For Harry Potter Fan Film


If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter, then either you’ve been locked in a tiny cupboard for the last 13 years, or your doors and windows have been concreted over preventing you leaving the house, and your electricity has been disconnected to prevent you reaching the outside world. Quite possibly the biggest film franchise of all time, Harry Potter has made superstars of its lead actors, and has made over $7 billion pounds worldwide, yet still hasn’t made wearing stupid round glasses any cooler.

The percentage of nerdy people on the planet has dramatically increased since the first Harry Potter film was released in 2001, with adults all over the world dressing up as wizards, making pretend wands out of sticks, and thinking that magic really exists. Not happy that the film franchise has finished, a group of Potter loving Manchester Students has this week announced that they intend to make a whole new Harry Potter film, with the aid of a Kickstarter campaign. The film, entitled “Mudblood and The Book of Spells”, aims to tell the story of a new wizard called Charlie, who is expelled from Hogwarts, the magic school attended by Harry Potter, after retaliating to abuse from other students.

The group of wizard obsessed students, led by Director and Writer Cameron Cairndufff, is aiming to raise £40,000 over the next month to fund the project. If they raise their total, they aim to start filming in the New Year, before the final 30 minute film is released at the end of 2015. They have released a full teaser trailer, which can be seen below.

A synopsis for the film has also been released, and sounds like they will have a lot to pack in to the 30 minute movie. “We join Charlie, a young muggle-born ​wizard, as he embarks on an adventure that will change him forever. After being unfairly condemned and imprisoned by the Ministry for crimes he did not commit, Charlie taps into a power deep inside himself and manages to break free. Now a fugitive, he is befriended by a band of unseemly Wizards who need his help to recover an art​efact so ancient and powerful it will bring the Wizarding World to its knees.”

Director Cairnduff was recently quoted as saying “We want to make something people will want to watch and we want to create our own opportunities. There are no good Harry Potter fan films – they’re all American, and have low production values.” Bearing in mind the Harry Potter films cost $1.1 billion to make, he may have his work cut out making a film that isn’t rubbish with only £40,000. Having raised just £4,330 so far, that’s just enough to buy a few sets of Hogwarts school uniform and a smoke machine.

For more information on the Kickstarter project, and if you would like to donate and perhaps appear in the film, you can visit the official Kickstarter page here. If you are an adult and think you are a real wizard, then you can seek help here.

Christian started writing film reviews at school for a local paper. Since then he has written for BBC Radio 4's Newsjack and The London Film Review. He also writes and presents a comedy show on AbingdonXtra, an Oxfordshire based radio station.