Ken Levine to Rewrite ‘Logan’s Run’


Deadline has reported that BioShock (2007) creator and creative director/co-founder of Irational Games, Ken Levine, has been hired by Warner Bros. to pen the screenplay for the long-touted reworking of Michael Anderson’s Logan’s Run, in a move which could signify the project’s implication of its own population control: Creating one.

This ain’t the era of Pac-Man. Instead of alternately avoiding and chasing ghosts, in accordance to their transparency, gamers today can enjoy multi-layered, complex, and customisable realms of storytelling. Levine’s transition from creating the hugely popular BioShock video-game franchise, to writing the remake of the cult sci-fi that Ross from Friends once used to make a move on his cousin, may seem like a sprint, but given the fact that he initially intended on establishing himself as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, the move is more akin to a 1500m runner completing his first lap.

Having received universal acclaim for the elaborate and intelligent dystopian plot of BioShock, Levine will now reignite his Hollywood offensive with his impassioned vision for a reworked adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton John’s 1967 novel.

The narrative of Logan’s Run takes place in 2274, in which a manipulative domed city houses a human-civilization which is branded at birth with a thirty-year expiry date in the form of a colour-changing crystal. This means to control population is resisted by runners, who, in turn, are hunted by sandmen. Logan 5 is a sandman on the run, joining Jessica 6 in a search for ‘Sanctuary’, with his former partner, Francis 7, in tow.

Where Levine will take the material from here remains to be seen, though his presence may signify the end of the rumour ‘Carrousel’ and the beginning of the project proper.

What are your thoughts on Levine’s involvement in the project? Does this reflect a growing synchronicity between the video-game and film industries? Leave your comments below.

Joe Harvey is the news editor at Critics Associated.