James McAvoy to Star in Frankenstein Movie


With the likes of The X-Men, Superman, Batman and pretty much every member of the Superhero Club dominating current cinema screens, it seems like all supernatural beings are being plucked out of the 1990’s to have their chance at glory. This time, Frankenstein and his monster (The one with the square head and bolts in his neck, that most people wrongly assume is Frankenstein) are in line for big screen status, and it was today announced that James McAvoy is almost certain to play the role of Dr Victor Von Frankenstein in Paul McGuigan’s revised version of Mary Shelley’s horror story.

Scripted by Max Landis, McGuigan’s film will follow Mary Shelley’s original tale, but with an expanded look at the Frankenstein universe told through the eyes of Igor, Victor’s deformed assistant, who is to be played by Daniel Radcliffe, and who is doing a fine job at present of trying to distance himself from Harry Potter.

The film is set for release in the US on the 17th of October 2014, with the UK date still to be announced.

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