How to catch Fantastic Fest films in London


The end of Fantastic Fest in Austin is only the beginning for many of the films programmed this year. London-based genre-lovers will be happy to hear that you can catch a selection of the festival’s best in the UK in the next couple of weeks. Festival play could be the end of the road for these films, so catch them while you still can.

#1. Tokyo Tribe (Sion Sono) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 9

If you think you’ve seen it all, see this gangland rap musical.

#2. Electric Boogaloo (Mark Hartley) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 9
Documentary examining the history of Cannon films and their rise to fame with exploitation and b-movies.

#3. The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (Chang Hyung-Yun) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 18

This Korean animation sees a satellite drop from the sky and turn into a girl. She meets a music-playing milk cow and a wizard who has been turned into a toilet roll. Suspend belief here.

#4. Kung-fu Elliot (Matthew Bauckman, Jaret Belliveau) SCREENING: Raindance Film Festival, October 3

Having recently been awarded with the Best Documentary Feature award at Fantastic Fest, Kung-fu Elliot looks like it could be a hit at Raindance too. The trailer explains everything.

#5. The Duke of Burgundy (Peter Strickland) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 10
A love story expressed through sado-masochist role play. From the director of the acclaimed Berberian Sound Studio, this one could be a very ‘bold’ entry.

#6. Spring (Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 10

Part horror, part romance, Spring promises to intrigue the viewer and surprise them in all sorts of twisted ways.

#7. The Tribe (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 15

Ukrainian drama set in a boarding school for young deaf people, The Tribe is a thriller like no other. Touring the festival circuit, The Tribe could become one of the hits of the year.

#8. It Follows (David Robert Mitchell) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 11
Following the success of his debut feature, The Myth of the American Teenager, David Robert Mitchell returns with another teen slasher, which will no doubt out him on the map.

#9. The Man in the Orange Jacket (Aik Karapetian) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 14

This Latvian horror has already made a big impact in Fantasia and at Fantastic Fest for its considered use of minimal dialogue and pressure cooker intensity.

#10. Shrew’s Nest (Juanfer Andrés, Esteban Roel) SCREENING: London Film Festival, October 8

Proving that the Spanish make some of the world’s best horror films, Shrew’s Nest is produced by cult director Alex de la Iglesia.

To buy tickets for any of the films mentioned in this article, you can visit the London Film Festival website or the Raindance Film Festival website.

Flossie Topping is the former Editor-in-Chief of Critics Associated (2013-2015). She has an MA in Film Theory and an MA in Online Journalism. She has written for Screen International, Grolsch Film Works, Universal Film Magazine, The London Film Review, Best for Film, Next Projection, Metropolitan, Don't Panic and The Ealing Gazette.