Frightfest, Horror Channel and Movie Mogul announce finalists for 666 ‘Short Cuts To Hell’


Frightfest, along with Horror Channel and Movie Mogul, have revealed their chosen top six shorts from a competition that asked aspiring directors to create and aumbit their own minature horror films.

But there was a twist in the production, the creators had to adhere to a number of ‘killer’ restraints including limiting the number of cast and crew to 6 members, using a maximum of 6 lines of dialogue and sticking to a budget of £666 (and we’re guessing they had to include 6 in the title).

The overall winner will be revealed at the festival on Sunday 25th August, after all 6 have been screened and judged by a panel of acclaimed judges includingFrighfest director Paul McEvoy, Filmmaker Paul Hyett, Movie Mogul’s John Shackleton, Journalist Rosie Booth and Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth.

There is also a rumour that Tom Six will attend, depending on his commitments on Human Centipede 3. The talented winner will receive £6,666 and the chance to develop a feature film whilst being mentored by Movie Mogul, and we will annouce which short comes out on top later this week but for now here’s a look at the finalists who beat out 151 other entries:

6 Seconds to Die

Directed by Rick James.

Cast: Emma Drysdale, Emily Petrolo and John Rackham

Six Degrees of (Limb) Seperation

Directed by  Mikel Iriarte

Cast: Leo Charlton, Madeleine Dunbar and Sam Atkind.

6th Sense

Directed by Alice Moet

Cast: Ellie Manson, Bethany Jackson, Dominic Brunt and Mark Newby

6 Shooter

Directed by David Wayman

Cast: Ed Judd, Aston Fisher, Tom Murton, Teya Simone, Kym Chapman and Dan Lord

Six Feet Under

Directed by Joe and Lloyd Stas

Cast: Helen Booden, Tom Stas, Lloyd Stas and Ben Galler

6 Feet Under
Director: Weronika Tofilska
Cast: Harriet Neville. Jon Readwin, Ewan Stewart, Stephanie Blake and Agis Pitlis
Katie Hall is the assistant editor at Critics Associated.