First Trailer For Into The Woods


It’s already August, which means winter is just around the corner. It also means that just around the next corner after that initial corner is Christmas. At Christmas time, you can guarantee several things- many children will be bitterly disappointed by what the mythical Santa Claus brings them, many more children will be bitterly disappointed by realising that Santa Claus is in fact mythical, and Disney will bring out a heart warming, family fairytale movie, with the sole aim of raking in as much cash as possible during the traditionally busy Christmas cinema period.

This coming Christmas, Disney return with the release of Into The Woods, directed by Rob Marshall, and adapted from Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical. The trailer for the film can be seen below, unless your computer is upside down, in which case it will be above.

Into The Woods stars Meryl Streep, who required very little make up to play a haggard, wrinkly old witch. She has placed a curse on the local baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt), meaning that they cannot start their own family. In order to reverse the spell, they must perform various missions involving other fairy tale characters. To save time, they could visit the local adoption agency, but apparently their offices are closed during the Christmas period.

As this is a Disney film, expect lots of fun, loads of musical numbers, and powerful ballads that will help shift loads of copies of the soundtrack CD. Helping the baker and his wife along the way will be the likes of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and his beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and a big wolf, played by the ever versatile as long as it’s a weird character, Johnny Depp.

Also starring Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Tracey Ullman, Into The Woods hits cinemas on the 25th of December, although we already predict poor opening night audiences, because every cinema in the world is closed on Christmas day. It will probably fair better come Boxing Day,


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