Empire Strikes Back is Next Event For Secret Cinema


Secret Cinema’s motto is short but simple: Tell no one. Here at Critics Associated, we laugh in the face of mottos under four words, as we want to tell everyone that Secret Cinema is back! Since 2007, Secret Cinema has been hiring hoards of extras and actors to bring classic films to life, immersing the audience in a huge world of life like sets and characters. Only last year, the company showed Back to The Future, with 20 life size movie sets and a recreation of 1955 Hill Valley, and was a huge success, apart from the fact that it has to cancel it’s opening shows due to technical issues, which meant it was in actual fact a massive disaster.


Not afraid to prove that the problems with Back to The Future are long forgotten (apart from the people who paid £53.50 for a ticket), the team behind Secret Cinemas have decided to take on a film which will have grown adults everywhere reaching for their wooden guns, light sabers made out of strip lights and high fiving with their other lonely friends. Empire Strikes Back, arguably the greatest science fiction film ever and best of the massive Star Wars series, is coming to a mystery location in London.

Very few details have been released about what is undoubtedly going to be a huge production, but the event will run from June the 4th to August the 2nd, and tickets go on sale on Wednesday, March the 18th at 1pm. Tickets will be priced at a Death Star destroying £75 for adults and £50 for children, and is restricted to people aged 12 or over. For a family of 4, that’s a total of £250, so you’d probably be cheaper to buy your own costumes and recreate the entire film in the luxury of your own home.

If you’ve never seen Empire Strikes Back, you can see the original trailer below, and for more information, you can visit the Secret Cinema website here.

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