Elsa Fraulein SS (aka Captive Women 4) – Review ***


Have you ever found yourself thinking there weren’t enough films around that combine boobies and Nazis? Well, look no further as this Patrice Rohmm classic is being released in DVD, for your personal and perverted satisfaction.

Though we know for sure you didn’t come here looking for plot subtleties, amazingly enough, this exploitation film actually has a plot and sticks (mostly) to it. Former prostitute Elsa (Malisa Longo) has the hots for the Third Reich and organises a brothel on the rails to cheer the military (and eliminate traitors the good shot in the head way). When her boyfriend Maj. Franz Holbach (Olivier Mathot) comes on board as a translator (we’re not sure why, as everyone seems to speak better French than German), he falls in love with undercover spy Liselotte Richter (Patrizia Gori), and decides to betray his Fuhrer and help the rebels.


If all this sounds terribly familiar, it’s because it is. Elsa Fraulein SS has the same premise as Tinto Brass’s Salon Kitty, only on a train and without most of the charm. It’s also easy to spot a faint scent of Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS on the main protagonist. But this Eurocine knockoff doesn’t dare to go as far as its inspirations – there’s some nudity, of course, but it’s tame, and no graphic violence worth mentioning (to the point that even a suicide scene where a man kills himself with a shot through the mouth results in absolutely no blood). Malisa Longo gives us yet another super bitchy character, while Patrizia Gori plays the innocent whore she’ll reprise on her next movie, Helga, She-Wolf of Stilberg, (though in Elsa she still does it with some conviction).


Despite the absence of gore budget, Elsa Fraulein SS is carefully shot, has enough PG13 eye candy and doesn’t bore us or disgust us. Is that what one comes to look for on a nazisploitation film? Absolutely not, but then again, between a forgettable film and an abhorrent one that fails to transit to the so-bad-it’s-good category, we’re always better served with the first. Yes, the soundtrack is annoying, there aren’t memorable moments, and it’s the last place you would expect to see a World War II archive montage (and yet, you’ll have it, for what feels like an eternity), but again, have we mentioned there are Nazis? And female nudity? What we’re saying is, there are worse films to be watches as a break during your Sunday Complete Works of Tarkovsky binge.


Elsa Fraulein SS was released in DVD on 13th March 2017 by Maison Rouge, a new Euro Cult Label by Screenbound focused on sexploitation.


Sara is originally from Coimbra, Portugal, where she studied Film Studies before moving to London to enrol in film school. Having made her first short film about her neighbour's chickens when she was 9 (a dystopian sci-fi, still her favourite genre), she is now a London-based film director and editor, and also a writer for the Portuguese Take Magazine. She is a huge fan of Lars Von Trier, Krysztof Kiéslowski, and David Lean.