Daredevil Roundtable Interview: Actor Charlie Cox

2015-04-23 14.23.08

Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix’s fantastic new show, was released upon the world a few weeks back (see my review here). We were granted access to a roundtable interview with the show’s star, English actor Charlie Cox (of Stardust and Boardwalk Empire fame). Here are some snippets of the interview.


On being familiar with the character:

“Not at all, I’ve never even read a Daredevil comic before the audition. I didn’t even know he was blind. They neglected to mention that in the email. So I very nearly sabotaged my first audition.”


On acting as a blind character:

“… When Matt Murdock is operating as Daredevil, he would never use his eyes to find anything, or to pick anything up, or to put on his costume. And that’s where it became really tricky, as I of course need to do that. I had to kind of make sure I knew exactly where everything was, and have a good sense of it.”

“When [Matt] first enters a new environment, like the office space, for the first couple of days he would use his cane to feel around, but after that, he would never use his cane again. Those kind of things you don’t necessarily think about till you talk to a blind person.”

“There was a moment at Comic-Con, when a young boy talked about how important Daredevil is to so many people who have grown up with a disability. It was a very humbling moment.”


On the 2003, Ben Affleck starring Daredevil film:

“The honest truth is that, if you watch it, Ben Affleck does a wonderful job as Matt Murdock. Physically he does the role much better than I could ever do. He’s got that American jaw line that’s spectacular. But in all honesty I think the film suffers tonally.”

“… Our show is a better representation of what the comics are, and the best, more beloved series – they appeal to a slightly older audience.”


On the brutal fight scenes:

“I was really impressed with this intent to keep it really grounded. You feel the heavy breathing, and two guys trying to kill each other and needing a minute to muster enough energy and stuff.”

“There’s this idea of Matt Murdock getting better as the season progresses. Early on he takes a real beating, he’s not really used to getting out at night and fighting and there are lots of elements to each fight scene.”


On the downsides of playing a superhero:

“The mayor downside to playing a superhero that takes a beating, is that when you actually film the fight scenes, every time you take a beating you’re throwing your neck back, and then you’re throwing yourself on the floor, and you have to do every take in different speeds and camera angles, and you end up being so beaten up after not having taken one single hit.”


On Daredevil transitioning to the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“That would be so cool, to pop up in one of those films, in [Captain America] Civil War or the new Avengers. I would love for that to be the case. The primary concern right now is gearing towards The Defenders. And I’m thrilled that we have been given the chance to do a second season before that.”


On the ambiguity of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk’s intentions:

“On writing I thought it was so brilliant that Wilson Fisk and Daredevil keep saying that their goal is the same thing, which is to clean up the city. And that was something that Steve DeKnight (producer and showrunner of the series) wanted to talk a lot about, that there should be this moral ambiguity about both characters. If you weren’t a Daredevil comic book fan and didn’t know anything about it, you switch on Netflix and watch an episode, you would not know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Steve DeKnight likes to say that our Matt Murdock is one bad day away from becoming The Punisher.”


That’s all folks. Best part of the interview though has got to be…




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