Danny Dyer To Play Contract Killer


If your surname reflected how good you were at your profession, then Danny Dyer has nailed it. The star of almost every cockney shouty fighty shoot-em up has made some pretty poor movies, with one of his most recent, Run For Your Wife, taking a whopping £602 on its opening night. However, he has somewhat of a cult following, mainly by people who still buy their movies from the “straight to DVD” section at the supermarket. The movie industry must believe in him as well, as it has just been announced that Dyer is to star in a new film, Assassin.

Not much information has been released about the film, but producer Jonathan Sothcott has revealed that  Dyer will play a troubled professional contract killer, who discovers his latest target is the estranged father of the girl he loves. The script is written by JK Amalou, and shooting begins in August.

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